September 19, 2020

 September 19, 2020

Overall a good day!

Marlon wasn't feeling great in the morning but he did have something to eat to get his morning pills down.  Not so stressful.  This morning he had 10 pills to get down which is better than the 15 he had to down yesterday for breakfast.

He is enjoying eating and satisfying his food cravings, which are in big part because of the steroids.  Sometimes it is hard for him to listen to his body saying 'enough' because his mind still wants to enjoy more wonderful flavours.

While Marlon started the day feeling off, Linsy was worse.  She called in sick to work, something she has never done for work and only if really necessary for school.  She finally came downstairs at 1 and nursed a bowl of soup for several hours.

In the afternoon I went to Sobeys.  Boy was I nervous and that sounds so weird to me to feel that way for a trip to the grocery store.  First of all, really the first time out since back at home and I felt slightly conspicuous.  Standing in line outside the store.  Had someone ask if the employees didn't get special rights.  Only when working.

I received a card and some money and gift cards from my fellow workers.  I was so touched.  Nice to see some familiar faces again.  So many nice people in Acton and a lot of them work at Sobeys! And of course I forgot to pick up a few items.  While working there I got so used to picking up items several times a week.  I feel like I should be able to go back to work and yet I see that is not feasible or a good idea.  I am needed here and it is important to be to do what I can to support Marlon.

I was outside for a bit, in the back garden with Thomas and had told Marlon to at least get outside for a bit.  I would pick greens and come get him.  Both Thomas and I were surprised to see Marlon walking up.  Thomas picked him a fresh carrot from the garden and Marlon went back inside.

He had a very good supper tonight and again I was concerned that he just wanted to eat and eat.  But he didn't stress all day about his evening pills and while it is not a fast or painless process, he did get them down, keep them down and fulfill several cravings after.

I have been asked where Marlon is sleeping.  Not in his own bed.  In fact he hasn't been upstairs to his room which he shares with Paco since we came back.  He is sleeping in my bed which is in the living room.  I sleep on the top bunk so I am close by if he needs me in the night.  

Good to be home again and close to Thomas and Paco and Linsy and not have light shining in the room and several interruptions every night from the nurses!


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