September 18, 2020

 September 18, 2020

Amazing how little time it takes me to get distracted by day to day life and back into old routines!

Today was definitely a better day than yesterday.  Marlon still had some discomfort through the night but slept quite well.  Better than the hospital.

In the morning he was stressed about the pills but got them down and enjoyed his breakfast.  Toast with nut butter and jam and sunny side up eggs on toast.  It has been a long time since he has been willing to have eggs and enjoyed them.

While I did a lot around the house I still made time for regular cuddles with Marlon.  

He didn't do much physical activity today, never went outside, but he was ok.

The big stress was the taking of pills.  Not long after breakfast he was worrying about having to take his evening pills.  He wanted to enjoy as much food as he could during the afternoon before he had to worry about pills again.  I was saddened to see how the stress of the pills ruined his day.

He did get his dinner pills down (not easily but he did it), and soon after supper he was already worrying about the breakfast pills.

I see two possible scenarios.  One is that he will get used to taking pills at home and will ease into the new reality.  The other is that this stress will give him something to focus on and could stick around.  Obviously I am hoping for the former but know I can't control his thoughts or his reactions.  I can only do my best to support and guide him.  And use distraction if he will allow it.

Depending on the day tomorrow I will put more persuasion into at least going outside for a breath of fresh air…


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