September 17, 2020

 September 17, 2020

Today was a rough one!

From waking up this morning Marlon did not feel good at all.  Dragged out, uncomfortable, and just plain icky.  Next round of chemo started late morning but by that time Marlon was so bad that he felt like he was dying.  He was crying and writhing in the bed, sweating from the discomfort and pain, though it wasn't quite pain. He was barely able to eat lunch, or even drink anything.

A couple of times I called the nurses in. Once he was crying loudly and he didn't want to go home if he felt this bad.  A lot of them felt that it was anxiety around leaving safety of hospital and going home.  I didn't believe it to be anxiety but they assured me the medication wouldn't make him feel like he was decombusting (his term for it).

He was disconnected from the IV and cleared to leave.  Eventually, he took some gravol and for the half hour it took to get to car and be on our way he was ok.

We hadn't even pulled onto the main road and I said 'this is the fastest we've gone in over two weeks'. We hadn't gone far when Marlon said he couldn't do it.  The movement of the car just made him feel so bad.  Thomas was driving and I moved into the back with Marlon.

It wasn't long before we had to pull over.  We were on the side of the road for a while before Marlon was ready to move on.  While we drove he lay into me and was so quiet I sometimes thought he was sleeping but two more times he all of a sudden told us to stop and both times he threw up.  All he had eaten was carrot that Thomas brought for him and he snacked on before we started driving.  

A 55 minute drive took 1 hour, 40 minutes.  We finally made it home and Marlon crawled into bed. 

He got up and was ready to eat something and drank some too.  I tried to get his pills into him but he hadn't even ingested them all before he threw everything up.  He went and lay down again, ready to sleep.  I went outside with Linsy and we were splitting some kindling when we heard commotion from our neighbour/landlord. We heard a shot ring out, and yelling.  Curious we went to see what it was and the Fox had already taken one of her hens and was going after the rooster.  It was very sad to see as the 3 chickens were well loved and appreciated.  The remaining two will go to a new home.

I got Marlon up again to eat something and to try again with his pills.  Not even half way through and everything came up again.  I was wondering if we may have to go back to hospital because he was still so uncomfortable and in pain.  Spoke with the doctor and we decided to leave the pills be for tonight and see how he is in morning.  He would be expected to take evening dose tomorrow as well as his scheduled ones…

Marlon ate just a bit before he started to feel bad again so we lay together and he went to sleep early.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

It is interesting to be home.  I can't say I am thrilled to be here but it is definitely nice to get out of hospital.  And nice to be with the rest of the family again!


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