September 15, 2020

 September 15, 2020

As of last night we've been in the hospital for two weeks.  I was told today Marlon will be discharged on Thursday.  More treatments Thursday and then we continue at home with returns for more treatment and checkups.  I was told that if all goes according to plan treatment continues for 2 years and 3 months.

Marlon slept a bit better last night.  After breakfast this morning Mindy and Tori from physio took him to play some Xbox.  A bit more physical, with a fair bit of movement.  Marlon came back from that exhausted.

I realized today that while his spirits are up, he is back to talking a mile a minute about anything, and he has a good appetite, he just doesn't feel good.  Sometimes worse than others.  

I bought him pizza for lunch which he happily gobbled down several pieces.  Then I took him outside.  I make him walk a little bit on the grass and then push him around for a bit.  He complains a lot.  He doesn't feel good and the jostling of the wheelchair isn't comfortable.

Again at supper he took the new medication.  Unfortunately by supper time he is not feeling great and the medication wasn't ready so we had to wait.  Added stress. He doesn't want to eat before getting the pills in. He says not to make a big deal about him taking the pills because he doesn't want it to be a big deal.  But the nurses, doctors, and support staff are impressed with his accomplishments.

Again, a couple of hours after taking the pill, he is feeling really bad and nauseous and in pain.  A few times he is leaning over the container thinking he may be sick.  He keeps it in and we get ready for bed.  I hear his moans and see his restlessness that tell me he is still uncomfortable even though he is sleeping.

He has also struggled with how much liquid (approx 1500 ml) they expect him to drink. By bedtime he is crying that he is just too full of liquid.

I feel for the guy.  Not easy what he is going through and sometimes the frustrations and emotions come out and sometimes he just trudges on.  And that is what we all do, we keep on keeping on…


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