September 14, 2020

September 14, 2020

The good of the days is evening out a bit.  Perhaps I am getting used to it and yet I do think his mood is still good but a little more mellow.

His mind is more active and today Marlon even spoke of seeing friends.  When things were bad he didn't want to see anyone. He is speaking more of his friends, of his memories, and of his lack of memories.

We did go outside after lunch for a walk though his physical energy levels are still so low that he didn't walk too much.

The big deal of today is that Marlon had to start a new pill, the one that targets the ph+ leukemia.  The nurses and doctors were concerned about him getting and keeping it down.  This pill is bigger than the ones he has been taking and it was decided he would take it between lunch and supper. Do we cut it or will he take it as is?  What is the chaser?  So much hype but Marlon surprised everyone and took it down without much fanfare.  Yay!

Unfortunately by the time supper came along Marlon was feeling horrible.  Just sick and icky and tired with no appetite. The food they brought did not work for Marlon but we did find something he was happy to eat.  

Later on the nurse brought a syringe with a liquid he had to take.  In order to help get it down we went to the cafe, brought him a half wrap and hot chocolate for chasers.  From now on he prefers taking pills over liquids whenever possible.  Not to be confused with enjoying it or wanting to but the lesser of two evils.

Sounds like Marlon will be sprung on Wednesday or Thursday.  While I know things won't always be smooth we are both more ready for the change.

Marlon's awareness of what he is dealing with is deepening and today he said he fully intends to overcome the cancer.



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