September 12, 2020

 September 12, 2020

What an amazing day!  What can I say?  I remember the kid I saw today.  The one I heard talking at hyper speed and almost non-stop.  The boy that seemed super hyper.  Excited! Animated!

Yes, I haven't seen that boy in almost two months!!

Add to that side effects of drugs such as heightened moods/personality, and food cravings.  Phew what a day!  What a treat!

Marlon turned into the bargaining master.  I bought him a pizza yesterday and he hasn't thrown up since then so he has been telling me that I need to buy him another pizza.  What is there not to like in pizza? He keeps reminding me it has fruit, vegetables, protein, and carbs. He wants to eat eggs, though he hasn't wanted to eat eggs in years.  He saw a wrap in the cafe at the hospital and he really wants to try that wrap.  Then non stop bargaining about how good it is he wants to eat food, to try something new, it looks fresh and healthy.


Marlon woke up early this morning but really was in a great mood the whole day. He ate all his meals, we went outside for a bit in the afternoon.  He did want to come in after a bit because his headache was coming on strong. He walked a bit. He still had a low physical activity level but his mental activity level was in overdrive.

Paco had said he would be able to come out today and a couple of days ago I said that might not be good because he had a bunch of chemo on Thursday.  Well, Thomas, Paco, and Linsy came for a visit and Thomas couldn't believe what he saw.

I am glad we had a day like today where I almost felt like we were frauds for being in the hospital and there is nothing wrong with Marlon!

And again I take each day as it comes and hold no expectations for tomorrow but I give thanks for the day!


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