Work blocks and the Now

I have experienced many instances of late about blockages and things not moving smoothly. A lot of these relate to work or finding work that pays well. And I can see that I hold onto resistance to work. Do what works. What works best in my life is hanging out with the kids and our activities.

There are times when we are doing whatever and I feel so grateful to be with them and having the opportunity to do what we do. Simple things like hanging outside and shoveling the snow in the middle of the day. Hanging outside and doing our own thing. Off on a little excursion of some sort. Many times I will feel such gratitude to be able to do these things.

But the need to be bringing in more money is current in our life. And the possibility of full time work looms ahead. How – just how – would I deal with that? In a life where I often feel a lack of freedom just what would that do to me? What would that do to life as I know it? What would that do to just hanging out with the kids? What would that do to our activities and excursions? What would that do to my life? It sure would change.

So there have been blocks that have appeared in my path of finding work and no wonder about that.

Now there is a job here for me that pays very little and the hours are looming ahead. And the internal distress is great. And the me that wants to organize these activities with the kids and sign up for the excursions is unable to plan. The days and hours seem to be too full as it is. How will I survive? How much will I have to give up?

And time will tell...

I just wrote about past disagreements affecting our now and here is an example of future fears affecting the now as well. Isn't life wonderful?!?


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