Left and Right

Interestingly enough I am dealing with carpal tunnel in my left hand. I am not sure why it is here but it sure is making me pay attention to how I use my hands. Is there any area where I predominantly use my left hand more than my right? The big one is using a knife to cut food in the kitchen. There are other things like brushing my teeth and cleaning the toilets but of course that isn't too much. I have been doing a lot of shoveling and though one side is definitely easier to use than the other, I do try to balance out how much I use each side.

One thing I really notice is how my body works together. Each side has its specialty. One hand holds the blender the other one handles the spatula. One hand holds the dishes the other one holds the cloth. Ya know simple things that you just don't normally pay attention to.

A newfound appreciation for all the things my body does without even paying attention. And I suppose that attention to those things that are often done on automatic pilot is also a good thing.

A good night is one where I can get some sleep and the pain of the hand/arm isn't keeping me awake and having me try many different positions. Something else to pay attention to...


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