Is Today Tomorrow?

This is a phrase that Paco would often use. It took me a while to understand what it meant (I guess I'm the dense one here). In his attempt to figure out this world and what any given day was, tomorrow was just another day of the week. Tomorrow is what we were planning for yesterday. My response to him was “ Today is the tomorrow of yesterday.” (or something like that.) Linsy's version of this is “When is tomorrow?”

I was thinking of this today as I was listening to the kids playing/living (heck their life is a game). Paco woke up from his sleep and said “It's tomorrow!”.

A lot of the kids' play/life right now is centered around work. Their phone is ringing off the hook with calls for them to work. They have many jobs and are working so much that they are very busy (well in theory anyway). Their calendar is always having something else added to the days. Often they use symbols to express the given job but Paco is also appreciating writing and often asks how to spell words.

This is just another example of how their play is processing of their life. Things are different for them now as I am working many hours out of the house. Wake in the morning and eat and prepare food for the day then work and come home in the evening, put the kids to bed, eat and again prepare food for the following day. It's all about work.

Their assorted jobs are school crossing guard, working at the restaurant, the post office and various stores. Their current job is mopping and then clearing the table in the kitchen (yes for real they decided to work for me). Of course our real combined job is delivering papers.

Our lives are always changing and some phases run smoother than others.


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