Disagreements and the Now

The kids have many a disagreement everyday. Some are bigger than others but it does seem that regardless of how 'big' the disagreement there will be many screams. Linsy is a screamer. And oh how she screams – she is loud, she is shrill, and she is persistent. If there is something she wants there is little that she lets stand in her way. Including her brother or parents. If he has something she wants she will take it or scream until the windows rattle and her brother gives said item to her. Or her parents plead with her brother to give her said item or 'work something out'.

Paco has his share of temper tantrums around their disagreements as well.

One thing with their disagreements though is that they likely won't last too long. In a short period of time they have sorted things out and are happily onto the next event or activity. And for Thomas and I the hard part is keeping up with them. I am still reeling from the screaming and tears and disagreement but they are happily into something else. They are in the now and they are moving fast. I am caught up in what has happened and ruminating over it all but they are not.

The power of now is so great – it is all that really exists for us and yet I see how, as adults, we are much slower moving that we used to be. Our past is much greater and more complex than that of a child. And yet there has to be a way to participate in life with the speed of a child. To move onto the next event without allowing two minute old disagreements (or two year or twenty year ones) keep us back.

So I'm here now but I am writing about the past. I am learning from the past. Humph... And right now there are no disagreements. There is only the freedom of now.


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