NAET and allergies

Last year before Christmas Monique and her two kids came by for some cookie baking. Before long Mds was having an allergic reaction to the cats that we have. He was sneezing almost non-stop, his breathing was not clear, he was getting hives and his eyes were very runny. I gave him a mega c drink (3-4 grams of C), and things calmed down enough for him to stay for a while longer. It didn't take long before his reactions became more severe and again a c drink calmed things down but they didn't stay long after that. His hives popped out quite a bit once they were home and it took a while for him to recover from being at our place for a couple of hours. Other times in contact with cats the c didn't work that well.

It was at the point that we limited the kids seeing each other as even being in the vicinity of us (the two boys sitting on the couch together at their place) was enough for him to react to the cats on our clothes.

The summer before I had felt so bad for him as he was sniffling with puffy and runny eyes due to seasonal allergies. He would be running and playing and 'suffering' (though I really think at that age – 5 – it just is the way things are and they don't view it as much as suffering as we might – or as I did).

Many food allergies and sensitivities also affected his daytoday life (though we do learn to adapt to those and again it just is the way things are).

Then they started up with NAET treatments. I was surprised with the ease of this summer for him. We didn't see them all that often but Mds was not suffering being outside. He could run and play and wasn't always stopping for remedies and nose-blowing and all that.

I was so impressed at the changes.

Last week they came by for a visit. First time they had been to our place in over a year. Before they arrived ds was berating dd for letting the cat inside – he remembered the allergies. It didn't matter. They were here for over two hours. He was not sniffling, he sneezed less than a handful of times over the course of the visit, and he was able to play quite a bit without over-exerting himself.

We had these rice crackers that had wheat containing soy sauce on them (we tend to avoid gluten just because but have no real need to ingest it) and he was able to eat them. Before he had to be very careful about all contact with gluten as he would react (hives and puffy eyes at least).

I am inspired and impressed by the changes I have witnessed - seems to be a good thing. I do suppose that, as with anything else, the practitioner is also a key factor in having good results.


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