Hanging out with bird and cat

We have a 'pet grouse'. This bird has been hanging around for a while and is getting more and more friendly with us. Kind of neat to have a wild bird hanging around and coming up close. He likes corn and has no problem eating it out of hand. I was taking pictures of him the other day and I was having a hard time being far enough away from him. I would step away and he would step forward.

And what a chatterbox Mr Grouse is. He always has a lot to say – even while eating.

There are problems with him as well. He likes to fly at moving objects. If I am running down the laneway he will run after me and then fly at me often flapping at my head. Same as when I am biking (once he even stayed on for a ride for a bit). When I am walking he will walk with me (well more like run with me). So I have a cat that will go for walks and a bird that will go for walks as well – who needs a dog?

Mr Grouse also likes our berries and our apple tree. At this time of year there is nothing for him to take but last summer there was a struggle with us getting any berries – he is darn quick that guy and will get out early and pluck through all the berries. The apple tree will soon be strarting to grow buds and I fear Mr Grouse will be plucking them off as fast as they appear.

The cat and bird will both hang out close to us. Occasionally Mojo will make like he is stalking the grouse but in fact he is scared of the bird. Today I was watching as Mojo was getting into that 'ready to spring, stalking position' and was close to grouse. Next thing I knew grouse was chasing the cat! And the cat was scared and running fast. We told grouse off for that one but I really don't believe he understands a darn thing.

Grouse sure doesn't seem to need anything from us but he does enjoy the corn. I tell him to keep the ducks out of the stream (they mess up the water which messes up the filters in the house) in exchange for treats from us. I'd like to think it is working though recently we ran out of bird food so I have fallen behind on my part of the bargain. We shall see how he keeps up with his once the weather gets colder. I did see some ducks the other day but not as many as I have normally seen in the stream. OK I may be dreaming but no harm in that...


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