Raw Emotions

So many raw emotions.

PM and his phase of being into all things with guns and swords and medieval. This is challenging me. I don’t like Disney movies as they are too violent. We just recently read a Robin Hood book and the violence in there was pretty intense. It was not focused on but a stab here, a sword there, blood gushing here and more over there. Ick! Ugh!

The medieval times were such a violent phase in our history. So much suffering and fighting. In some ways this period seems to be idealized and there is much that is often recreated in many ways (medieval shows and fairs – we just went to one).

We have butterflies hatching from their chrysalis and we are likely going to let them go tomorrow but to the watch the few that have hatched hanging onto the screen looking out seems so forlorn. They don’t know how to deal with being in captivity. They can’t even really fly in the box they currently live in. They are in captivity and want out. I feel for them. Then there’s one that came out with a damaged wing. The quandary of taking its life now or putting it outside and letting nature take its course or just leaving it be in the box (which is what I’ve done so far as the evening passed and now it feels too late).

The craziness of the mind as it goes swinging all over the place with issues of food and Thomas and the kids and wishing that I could just escape it all and live in love with those around me. Live in complete faith and love and that would allow me the freedom I so long for. And yet I continue on the roundabout taking moments to slow down but still going on and on…


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