Tale of Woe

My tale of woe

Well ya’ll know my computer monitor has not been fully functioning for a while. Well now it is completely non-functioning – white screen when the computer is on and has been this way (minus an hour) for about a month now.

No big deal except it means the kids can’t watch DVDs and certain videos because they just don’t work on the new monitor. Well at least I have a monitor. At least until last week that is. Now the new monitor that is attached to the laptop is shorting out as well. Last week I came to my computer in the evening and it was black. Couldn’t get it back. Tried Paco’s monitor. Didn’t work either. Great – my computer is toast if I can’t view what is on it.

Luckily I was able to get it back working again after a break. Since that time it blacks out quite regularly. What this mean to me is that I need to be prepared that in the near future it is likely to black out for good. Keep backups up-to-date.

The interesting bit with this is that my dear, beloved, well used blender decided to go on the fritz the same day the monitor initially blacked out for a lengthy period of time. It would cost me over $150 to get the blender fixed (my 7 year warranty expired a few months ago of course). So instead of getting the blender fixed I am dealing with it being on high only (better high than being stuck on low speed – that would be useless). Makes more noise when starting up and more mess. Start the blender on high and the contents explodes within the container.


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