Seeking, change and information

Change is afoot. Struggle and resistance to that change is also present. That creates more struggle. It is stressful. The constant back and forth in the mind. The free-flowing ease of living with what is, and then, the questioning, the counting, the naming and the blah blah blah of the inner voice and the pain as a result of the lack of peace.

So many healing modalities and there is much value in all of them I am sure. Perhaps it is just the places I frequent but seems to be more and more. People are realizing that many of us are searching. Searching for healing, searching for peace of mind, searching for success, searching for a free life with love and happiness. All of these modalities will offer you a path in that direction. Heck the internet really is a great tool for that. Spend hundreds of dollars here and there and your life will be perfect. Well not really because after all of this you are still human and still living in an imperfect world.

What many of these modalities teach is that the answers are within you. Of course you have to pay to find out how to tap into these answers. And the big issue is that you still have to do the work. So do the work and trust the answers will be found.

This seems to be a time of vast amounts of information. You can read about pretty much anything on the internet. People are always willing to share opinions and knowledge and advice. Books are being written all the time and people are excited to buy these books and learn more. Somehow, someday, we will need to read less books, we will need to do less in order to know more…


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