God and Prayer requests

Years ago I turned away from the god I had been brought up with. Too much judgment, too much living in fear, and somehow there just seemed to be too much hypocrisy. My defenses were on with the mere mention of the word ‘god’ and I was closed to hearing anything on the subject.

As my path progressed I opened up to greater spirituality which included a great appreciation for all that is, for angels, for the many beings beyond our human eyes. Slowly but surely I also brought more of an appreciation for god in whatever form was right at that moment.

This appreciation and comfort is really an ongoing process. I continue to grow and let go of my judgment of the character that I once considered too judgmental. My beliefs don’t follow any organized religion and they can be varied and change from moment to moment.

A while back my sister hooked me onto a site that offers a sort of tutorial on opening up to the voice of god within. I view our individual voice of god as our higher self and at the same time believe that all that we are is a part of god so our higher self is god’s voice though there may be an element of ‘humanness’ added to it.

Then they started a site where one can add in a prayer request. This may be something that fulfills a need out there as many of us are reaching out for help and sometimes to be able to do that with anonymity may be an advantage.

My spiritual path is constantly changing and growing as are most areas of my life. To be a life learner is to continue to learn and expand my awareness of all that is…


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