A and 40

LB is more aware of letters and is interested in which words start with which letters. This is mostly started by PM as he has just gone through this where most names become ‘What is the first letter of …?’

This morning we were in the kitchen. PM was lying on the floor (not feeling well at all, poor guy) and LB started in on the ‘What is the first letter of …?’ Actually she can tell me the first letter of Paco quite easily and of Linsy and of Shera. We went through all the letters of Paco and Linsy and mom. Occasionally I will ask them which one it is. PM knows his letters and sounds more and more. LB on the other hand, well let’s just say most of it is guess work.

‘What’s the first letter of peach?’ ‘A!’ ‘pppP’

‘What’s the first letter of plum?’ ‘A!’ ‘pppP’

‘What’s the first letter of pear?’ ‘A!’ ‘pppP’

‘What’s the first letter of pineapple?’ ‘A!’ ‘pppP’

‘What’s the first letter of mango?’ ‘A!’ ‘mmmM’

‘What’s the first letter of apple?’ ‘T!’ ‘A!’

‘What’s the first letter of tomato?’ ‘A!’ ‘tttT’

‘What’s the first letter of avocado?’ ‘A!’ ‘Ya, you got it!’

Just to say that any letter guesswork the answer is ‘a’ unless of course it should be.

As for numbers well the answer is either 4 or 40. If she is telling me how many of something there is she will likely say 40. The kids are talking in the back of the car about tiles on the roof I think. And LB answers with definite certainty that there are 40. Well you get the picture. A and 40. Pick your choice.


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