Dream of work

I had a dream where I was at my first day of work at a new job. Seemed to be a government type job. The people were very pleasant and the atmosphere seemed to be one of cooperation and appreciation. The work felt somewhat familiar to me and that which I didn’t know felt right as well. I was told that this was the best day in the office in a couple of years because two (or three) people (manager types) were out of the office. So that was not a great thing but the rest was good.

I was wondering during the dream if Thomas was able to handle staying the whole day with the kids and were they all right. Turns out it was a full-time job.

After work I was grateful that I was close to Olivia’s house and could just run there which makes me wonder because if Thomas were with the kids they would not be at Olivia’s house.

Anyway, as I was thinking about this dream today, I realized that there is no one I would trust more to be with the kids than Thomas. And to me that is a nice feeling. There are many relationships out there where one partner doesn’t trust the other but as far as parents go I think Thomas is up there with the best. Unfortunately it is too much for him to do full-time and spending extended time with the kids seems to be something he finds pretty draining…

I suppose we shall see what comes. For the most part I enjoy spending time with the kids but of course there are times where it feels like too much and I would just like to escape as well.


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