More on learning styles

A while back I was writing about the kids' learning styles. A big way I notice the differences is around music and how they like to be entertained.

LB likes to dance and is active with music. The other day she put on a new CD and was dancing around. PM wanted to hear the words to the song. They ended up getting in a fight because she wanted him to dance and he wanted her to stop dancing so he could hear the words of the song. It got pretty loud for a while but with a bit of help they reached a solution (actually this time I think she chose to dance later after he had a chance to hear the song – though many times it is he that backs down).

Though different learning styles are fully functional and can live happily side by side this was a good example of a way in which the differences can really get in the way. Nice to remember that one style is not better than the other even if it may be easier to relate to one in particular. I can think of Thomas and his complete dislike of questions and that is how PM and I relate to many things. Questions are part of how an auditory learner gets by in the world. Thomas is a different learner and he needs to see it and feel it and work it out himself in order to ‘grok’ it.

When I was in school I realized it was important for me to go to class because that is where I heard the information that I was supposed to learn. Sitting in front of books without having heard the info before was more challenging. Also in with the auditory for me is the visual and being able to see the person speaking makes it easier to hear as well. Each and every word is important for my understanding.

I do remember folks getting frustrated with my many seemingly repetitive and basic questions. I can see that coming around again with PM as he questions that which he is trying to understand and sometimes the questions are phrased different ways to get the same answer. I see that is in part learned by me and in another is his way of learning and understanding.


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