Important Farmers

I was just thinking that some of the most important people in my life are the farmers that we know.

How Maggie will often allow me to go help myself from the fields or greenhouse or chicken coop if they have something that isn’t currently available. She will often accommodate last minute changes in my order with a smile and really cares about the animals, the land, and the people around her. An amazing couple she and Johann are.

Then there’s Utte who I don’t get to see that often but she and Tom tend to the many goats they have (and other various animals). They use natural helaing methods if necessary but otherwise just do their best to take good care of the farm. Beautiful people that feel like friends when we stop by. She cares about us and of course we care about her and her life.

Good food is important to me and so I guess it stands to reason that those that help us to have good food are greatly appreciated and important as well.

Greenfields and the folks there are ones that we rely on year round for our produce. They work the fields, they order in out of season and again they are willing to help out if you need something.

Then there are many others that I get to know on my travels – a lot of times via the farmer’s market. There are farmers there of course. They seem to be a wonderful blend of people. Both social and caring, and hard-working and dedicated, they look out for their customers and for their land and animals. The woman that is there in the morning after being up all night as her daughter gives birth. The folks that tell me what I might like that day as they know a bit of me and my tastes. The farmer that sees me coming and gets my order ready.

I am lucky to know many of the farmers that trade with us their hard labour to feed our families. And I am lucky to be able to give them our business and appreciation…


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