How do you say that?

I may have written a while back about LB and her use of the word ‘yes’ with the very distinct pronunciation of the letter ‘s’. What is most unusual about hearing that definite ‘s’ (and it took me a while to realize this) is that most of her words do not pronounce the letter ‘s’ especially those at the beginning of the word.

Quite often ‘s’ is substituted by a ‘d’. ‘Hey, he’s playing with my dick’ when the cat is playing with the stick in her hand.

‘Get me some dope’ when she wants to wash her hands.

‘I want some doup’ is usually when she wants to share her dad’s soup.

I’ve heard her mention ‘dooger’ to her dad and he thinks she is talking about a digger when she is actually meaning ‘sugar’.

Another interesting tidbit about this is when she wants her water – she does not ask for a ‘dwink’ as one might expect but a ‘gwink’.

As long as I don’t have any expectations about how she will say any given word it seems like I can understand most of what she says. And lately another one that brings a smile to my face is the ‘gingerman bread’ – no matter how many times she hears gingerbread man she continues to say it her way.

And with numbers I remember PM seemed to shy away from the number 2. If there was two of something he would say 3. Counting he would skip over the number 2. For LB this ‘mystery number’ is 5. When counting to 10 she will just skip right over 5. I’ve wondered if this is an indication of some deeper knowing of issues and ages but I can’t tell and shall just take it as it comes.


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