Creating backups

Today I brought out my external hard drive since I was overdue for a backup. I took the message a while back and made sure I had a suitable backup device (luckily it was a not so subtle one with 3 people telling me within a short time about hard drive crashes and how important backup devices are). It wasn’t too long after getting the backups in place that my own hard drive crashed. Now if only I were more regular about creating backups.

So today I am preparing to copy over some folders and pictures and whatnot for backup. Seems like a good time. Then PM gets on me about going outside. Good idea – I’ll just finish this up quick and it can do it’s copying while we’re out.

I come back a while later (we had fun outside with some exercise and shoveling and then tobogganing) and it stopped only part way through. Hmmm. So I decide I shall just start over again. I delete all that has been put onto the external hard drive and prepare to start again. I am starting to clear out my recycle bin when I go to my documents and realize there are some folders missing. Hmmm. What is going on? Did the cat come along and sit on my computer and delete many folders (wouldn’t be too uncommon – Mojo likes to sit there)? Now where were these folders? Oh no were they the files in the recycle bin that I just deleted? Where are my pictures? The folder is empty. Search, search.

Finally I realize that instead of copying I chose to ‘move’ the files and folders to my hard drive and then when I deleted them they all went to the recycle bin. Whew! Luckily I caught it just in the nick of time – really one click and much would have been gone.

So much for making backups. I’m lucky I didn’t delete all in the process. Experience right?


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