Accepting what is

Here I am thinking about acceptance. Acceptance of where I am now. For without acceptance there is struggle and that keeps us stuck in that which we can’t accept. Makes sense right?

But how the heck can you accept something that is unacceptable? It can be done and it is necessary. I know – I’ve been there before. I have struggled with the knowledge that acceptance is necessary to move on and yet been unable to conjure up the acceptance for the situation. And then something subtle changes and acceptance is current reality.

We can want something different for ourselves. In many areas we want something different than what is. Perhaps we want more time – to feel less busy. Perhaps we want more money. Perhaps we want better health. Perhaps we want better relationships. Perhaps we want to overcome addictions. All of these are possible but not without accepting what is.

Acceptance is not about dwelling in what is. Somehow they don’t seem to fit together but acceptance also fits with law of attraction. If you accept something, then how can you manifest that which you would like which isn’t what you have? I suppose that is where some of the beauty of this all comes in. With acceptance there is less energy spent in resisting and it is more of an honest viewing of the situation at hand. Perhaps more of a step removed from the situation. The judgment is not the driving factor. Without the judgment there is freedom to be open to change – but it can’t be the desire for change that drives the acceptance.

Wow – there is so much and it seems so confusing and yet it really is rather simple. It is subtle. To explain that subtlety makes it seem confusing. Life is subtle. The differences between many states are often subtle. And that brings about acceptance of the subtle nature of things that are hard to explain. Or perhaps I’m just making no sense…


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