Running Roundabouts

The house I grew up in didn’t have one but my friend’s house did. This is a circle that you can run around – the usual would be dining room to kitchen to living room. Around and around you could go.

The house we live in now has one. It’s great in many ways. PM can zoom around with something for the cats to follow and play with (today was a dried out corn attached to a ribbon). The indoor tricycle/truck has a circuit it can do (as long as there isn’t too much stuff strewn in the way). The kids can play chase together and on occasion I will join in the act. Sometimes it is just running around in circles just for the sake of it.

We spent many a time running around when LB was younger and in a sling. We weren’t going out quite as much and PM needed exercise (heck so did I) so we would play chase. Amusement for all of us, at least once LB was more aware of the game – before that she was just content to be attached and it didn’t matter so much what we were doing. Once she could join in she would toddle around too.

The kids run the roundabout and the kittens follow and all is fine and happy till the next fight breaks out or someone gets upset or another distraction is found…


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