Raw Nori Snacks

We bought these a little while back – very expensive but the kids liked them and it seemed simple enough to make on our own.

The kids don’t like this version as much as the store bought one but I noticed they also had lime juice and that may make just enough of a difference. I do like this version – a different and neat taste.

I soaked ½ cup of cashews (in water in the fridge as that slows down the soaking I believe – they can become bitter if they soak too long) and ½ cup of almonds overnight. I blended the nuts up with some onions, red pepper and tomato until fairly smooth. PM cut up nori pieces into squares and we put a spoonful onto each square and then dried this in the dehydrator.

Kind of crunchy, interesting taste and texture and it is something that will last in a sealed container.


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