Lately I have been surprised to hear myself using the exclamation ‘Crikey!’. This is a saying that I associate somewhat with my father. A comment that he used on occasion. I wondered if there was a connection here and if perhaps he was close by in spirit. Maybe it’s because it was his birthday a while ago though the use of the word started a while before that.

Today I was introduced to the life and death of Steve Irwin. Saw a few videos that were tributes to his life and the work he did. One of his aims was to bring love for wild animals to those of us that don’t have direct contact with them. One of the things that jumped out at me was the word ‘Crikey!’. I understand he worked for and with an Australian Zoo. I seem to remember the word Crikey as being from that part of the world.

These connections make me wonder. Why did my dad use this comment? Was it a connection to the greater consciousness that had me unknowingly using this expression at this time?

Just one more thing to wonder about and another freak accident that took a ‘lightworking’ person off the planet for a while…


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