Christmas is coming…?

PM enjoys the holidays, the planning for them, the decorating and the time itself. He enjoys celebrating those that are having birthdays. For Halloween he had various decorations that he put up for that one day only. He was dressed up as a pumpkin and created a festive atmosphere for the day. Quite the fanfare really.

Now it’s only the beginning of November but he is already quite excited about Christmas. Part of this is my fault as we started on our cards already (last year at the rate of one a day to make it took a while). But it was even before that when he asked for a particular Xmas book.

Our house already has some decorations up. Santa Claus puppets are talking, Santa Claus mittens are being worn and PM is asking for a Santa Claus hat. Seeing as he doesn’t really ask for much he will get this hat. He is all set to do some Christmas baking.

Neither Thomas nor I are big celebrators and generally have things pretty low-key but with the kids it is becoming more and more important. I guess part of this is making special times, adding more excitement to normal days, and honouring the magic in our beings.


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