More on the kittens

Our kittens are fitting in well into this household. I think we all appreciate them and enjoy much about their presence (well still not sure about Thomas as Mojo recently crashed his computer and it took Thomas many hours to sort out the problem).

As I write this Mojo is intrigued by the computer and he would be more than happy to jump up on here and swat at the screen or lie down on the keyboard. I have walked away from the computer before and come back to find things have been typed that I sure didn’t do. When the kids were smaller I could just make sure I kept the chairs pushed in and they wouldn’t get up. Kittens, of course, can just jump up or they find other things close by to use as steps up to the table.

Thomas made a scratching post for the kittens and it is a pretty special and solid piece of artwork. It took him (with some help/hindrance from the kids) many hours to put this together. I am always impressed how he creates these masterpieces. The time, effort, creativeness and attention to detail are just some of what he puts into these projects that I appreciate. The kittens do use the post and it is a good springboard to get up on the kids’ puppet house.

Look out to the kittens if the kids are in a ‘mood’. A cat up on the house is fair game to be shaken down. Heck unfortunately there are many other times when they are fair game. Many times the kids are soft and gentle and caring and other times I hear the kittens whining to be set free or running to find a safe place where they will be left alone. They are pretty good sports. There have been many times I have worried they will be permanently harmed and traumatized by some of their treatment (hmmm same as the kids but much more pronounced for my own kin) but then we come home or come down in the morning and the kittens come running and they continue to hang around the kids when they are playing.

So they fit in and I’m sure my legs will eventually heal if they are stopped being used as climbing posts.


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