Appreciating the Seasons

There is nothing new about gaining a new appreciation for life by being with kids. PM is so excited by the changing seasons and all that can be done with the different weather conditions. A good lesson for me as I have a hard time with fall. Sure the colours are pretty but I think that winter is coming and the weather is so much cooler and the green is all going away and the gardens are being prepared for the sleep of winter and greens are much harder to come by. I was talking about this to PM and he reminds me that winter isn’t here yet. There is still green around. The garden hasn’t been completely ‘closed up’ yet. I smile and chuckle – yes he is right but I still prefer the heat of the summer.

Yesterday evening we had a flurry of snow. Coming down pretty hard for a while and the kids were all excited, running from one window to another to check it out in the fading light of the day. PM woke up in the middle of the night, wondering if it was close to morning so he could go outside and catch some of the snow with ‘grader’ before the light of day melted it away. He was so excited about the snow. He has been talking about it for a while and the work ‘grader’ will do in the snow on the roadway. He also enjoys the shoveling.

In the fall he loves to rake the leaves. In the summer there are many things to appreciate – sand to dig in, the garden to work in and all sorts of outdoor projects that go on. In the spring is digging in the garden and other assorted tasks that we do.

He is an outdoor person. Unfortunately his sister is not. She is ok being outside in the warmer weather but, like her mom, she is not a happy-camper in the cold, cold weather. Whereas I have gained an appreciation for being outside more even in the cold she just wants to be inside. This is a challenge – another place where I am being split down the middle. I am needed inside with LB and outside with PM. This too is nothing new – to be needed in different places at the same time.


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