Another bonk to the head

Sunday was not a great day for LB. I was carrying her and managed to bang her head into the wall. The bang sounded quite loud and she cried – not an extreme pain cry but more the cry of surprise, of tired, of hurt. Didn’t take long for her to get over it and go on playing with PM (yes they do play well together on occasion).

The kids were doing their usual getting ready for bed routine (bouncing on the bed, jumping all over, general going crazy, and revving up the system type behaviour) and then I heard a loud, pain cry from LB and PM came running to me (I was on the toilet) saying that they bonked heads. She was screaming and crying and very upset and hurting. Though I couldn’t see any signs of where she hurt herself I wondered if it was her nose as at one point she touched it with her hand.

Got the kids to sleep (she fell asleep quickly) but then a few hours later she was up and screaming and writhing with discomfort with a rather high fever. She wasn’t calming down and I was concerned. Brought her down for Thomas to see, and soon she indicated she wanted to sit down and have booby. She fell asleep again but it wasn’t long before she was awake and screaming again. It was a rough night as the fever raged and she was restless and crying.

The next day the fever continued. Thomas gave her some homeopathics. She slept some and was mostly carried and in arms and listless and whining unless she was attached to the boob. I was no longer worrying as I felt sure she was all right but it was a long day with concern for her. Not great fun for PM as we weren’t out too much (she was always in).

By bedtime the fever broke and she was moving around some and even bounced on the bed as we were getting ready for bed. Days later her mood and overall energy levels are not up to par but she is definitely much better. Relief! She sure was a hot kid for a while there.

That poor girl has so many bangs and crashes to her head in the 2.5 years she’s been alive. Some more painful than others. Some are ridiculous and careless. Some are just fluke (the other day I was walking by her carrying some wooden toys and one jumped out of my hand and hit her on the forehead!). But they hurt her and us and I keep wondering if there is a reason for this…


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