Saving the best till last

The kids are both quite different in how they approach treats or things they like. If I give them something like a homemade trail mix LB will immediately go for the pieces she likes out of it (ya know the sweeter things like raisins, cranberries or apricots) and depending on her mood she may or may not eat the other bits and pieces (though she does like many nuts and seeds). She just chomps away paying little attention to anything other than her enjoyment (that is as long as she hasn’t had a major meltdown because she didn’t get the right amount or some other factor that sets her off into a puddle of tears and a terror of screams).

PM on the other hand will inspect what he has and then decides the order in which he will eat them. He will save the best till last. He may even save it for a long period of time and savour it. He has been known to make a dried fig or sweet bar (heck even a chewable vitamin C) last for hours as he goes and takes a taste of it ever so often or holds it in his mouth and sucks the sweetness out of it. He also prefers to eat his dinner in a more methodical way and eats the potatoes first and then vegetables with the meat often coming first (assuming it’s an average ‘meat and potatoes’ meal which is a basic for him since he’s not big on rice or other grains unless it’s pasta).

We all eat balanced in the end but just have different ways of going about it…


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