Pounding the Pavement

The other day I went with the kids to get some copies of a flyer advertising my bookkeeping and office services. I mentioned to them that we would walk around town together and distribute them. PM thought this was great. He was really looking forward to it and kept asking when we were going to do this. Luckily it was only the day after doing the copying.

He took a canvas bag with a folder inside that had the flyers. He put this around his neck and was all set. The three of us walked into stores and businesses and dropped off the flyers. He thought this was great and didn’t want to stop. Many of the store folk thought this was great as well and he received extra attention and polite and enthusiastic responses.

We covered a fair bit of ground in one day and got most of downtown done with another area as well. Today I figured we would finish up downtown. There wasn’t much to do and when we were about done PM was not ready to finish up. He convinced me that we had to do the other little strip malls that I had mentioned the day before. Talk about task driver.

LB enjoyed the ride and was carried around as she wasn’t into walking. One of the discussions on places was about the ‘’meh-l’. ‘I don’t like that meh-l’ she proclaimed loudly as we walked into an office with the smell of office smoke. We all agreed we didn’t like the smell of the Chinese restaurants. We went to an esthetics and nail shop and in the back room was a man just putting on a surgical mask. LB did not like that monster and was scared for a while that we would go back there. She kept repeating over and over – ‘Don’t like that monster’.

I thought, after I did the photocopying, that 100 copies was probably excessive, however PM counted the ones leftover today and there were only 26. I think this is the first time I have ever actively walked around like this in an attempt to get work. In the past it has been filling out an application here or there or faxing resumes. We shall see what this brings and I’m sure with PM pushing me we will be able to get rid of the flyers that remain…


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