Live, Love, Laugh

Walking along with the kids this morning and they were up ahead a bit. LB was riding her tricycle and PM came along and started pulling her along. The trike would half tip occasionally but they were laughing and having fun with it. A ‘Be Careful’ started to come out of my mouth but turned into more of a mumble. Yes, I could see potential accidents which would likely end with LB in tears. How often is it that kids are running around playing and having a grand old time and someone ends up in tears because of an accident?

I also realized at the same time they were in the moment and enjoying their play together. They were both having fun and were oblivious to the ‘what if’s’. There’s so much freedom in that place.

There was a time that I would swing around on the jungle gyms in all directions and would give parents a few 'heart in mouth' occasions. I felt safe and had fun. I was active and athletic and young and wasn’t concerned about the ‘what if’s’. I enjoyed running from rock to rock in the streams and was balanced in my movements.

What happened to that? Well many things really, most of which seem to be life and consciousness. Reality and maturity and puberty. My steps are more measured. I see more of what can go wrong. There is more fear in me.

Do I want to speed up this ‘consciousness’ and ‘fear’ in my kids? There is a way to let them experience life and they will learn what works and what doesn’t. They will have accidents occasionally. I can’t shield them from the world and instilling fear isn’t going to do much good either.

What does saying ‘be careful’ achieve anyway? Do I want to take their fun away from them? Do I want them to stop playing? There is much joy in watching the spontaneous enjoyment of kids. Let them keep it as long as possible and always remember the freedom of playing and laughing. Reminds me of a necklace I had that said ‘LIVE LOVE LAUGH’ – simple words to live by.


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