I had enough of that cwap, Paco

This has been heard by LB many, many times. Never seems to make a difference. Never made a difference either when I first spoke these words to PM many days previous. And I can say that the words were not spoken with the calm voice that LB continues to repeat over and over again (well she speaks them when she is not overtired or hungry or overwhelmed or unhappy or feeling harassed which has not been terribly often the past few days. Her common response is an ear-splitting shriek.) When I used those words I have no doubt I was yelling out of pure frustration. Ohhhh so frustrated.

‘Your name is…’ over and over and over and over and over (well you get the idea) again. ‘Your name is Whack!’ ‘Your name is Telephone!’ ‘Your name is Gobbledygook!’ ‘Your name is Bang!’ And many other ‘names’. This is all to LB and she is frustrated by it and often shrieks. I am over the top hearing it as well. I am over the top hearing her shrieks. Now to be fair to PM (this is not easy these days) she does shriek for a variety of other reasons – he has something that she wants, she has something that he wants (those with two or more kids know this can often be a constant), he is harassing her in some other way, the kittens are running away from her, and so on…

So yes I’ve had enough of this crap! So has Thomas. And I feel powerless to change it. I have tried ignoring it. I have tried talking to PM about it. I have tried yelling (to the point my throat hurts). I have cried about it. I have used threats (not proud of this one but threatening to lock him in the porch so I can have some peace). Seconds later I hear it again ‘Your name is…’. My common response is ‘Paco!’ in a stern voice – useless.

Ahh if only I were the perfect parent that had the perfect connection with my kids with limitless patience, flawless communication skills, and kids that were always perfectly well-behaved and always got along like little angels. I suppose we are still human and haven’t received perfection yet…


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