The kids and I have been enjoying the pool here lately. When I mention going to the pool they are right there. ‘Going for a wim!’ LB will excitedly exclaim to Thomas (she still doesn’t pronounce the letter ‘s’).

PM has the black inner tube to swim around on. This is his safety. He still feels very uncomfortable with his upper body going into the water and above his neck is terror for him. He’s getting there. Today they were having jumps into the water (I hold their hands) and for whatever reason he fell in over his head. He was shocked; I laughed and commented about what fun it was. He was considering crying and being real upset but just accepted that it happened and went back to ‘being first’ for more jumps. He was very definite about not getting his head wet again. LB was right there making sure I didn’t let her go underwater.

She is more of a little fish. She will take the noodle, walk into the water and use it to support her upper body while kicking away in the water (more of an upright swim but, hey, she’s on her own). I have also watched her as she moves and twists – just enjoying the feeling of hanging out in the water. That is one thing I like to do in the water – just move and twist and turn while swimming around underwater. She mostly keeps her head completely out of the water but a couple of times her face has gone under temporarily and she accepts it even if she doesn’t like it.

Ya know there are times where it is easy to be with the kids – hanging out, doing things together or doing our own things while being in the same vicinity. Then there are times where it just seems so hard. One of the kids is in a mood. For PM that mood would be pushing – either me or his sister. He often seems to push until I snap. By that time she is screaming and crying or I have just had enough of his harassing – in whatever form it is in.

With LB when she is in a pleasant mood it is wonderful. When she is in her mood there is no satisfying her. ‘NO! No! No!’ Nothing works. She will whine and cry and I haven’t discovered anything I can do other than let her go on until she is ready to be picked up. Unfortunately I lose my temper too much in this kind of situation. Heck I lose my temper far more than I would like. Doesn’t do me any good to find I’m doing it ‘wrong’ either – beating myself up doesn’t change me or the situation.

No, there’s no ‘right’ answer or response. Just a continual learning and growing and changing. I suppose that is the given of life – keep growing with the changes (and let go of so much resistance)…


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