Fun at the beach

‘LB will be a boy when I get to be a mother’ – this was spoken by PM the other day as we were discussing something about ourselves but completely unrelated. A while later he said something about her being a boy when she is his age. Not likely on that account either.

We went to the beach last week for the first time this summer (yes it is almost over already – where did it go?!).

The kids enjoyed it a lot. They are much more comfortable in the water these days from all the swimming around here but nothing compares to a real beach. Sand to dig and dance in and fill up anything with (the joys of getting a few gritty bites while eating lunch). And the water that gets progressively deeper at a slow enough rate that they can go running and splashing into the water. A delight to watch and be a part of.

When we go in the pool here and LB starts swimming around with the noodle she shrieks with joy and laughs. Thrilled to be swimming.

At the beach she was just running back and forth in the water. Running out onto the sand digging her feet in, running back into the water until it was up to her shoulders and then running around at the different depths. A few times she stumbled and lost her balance. She would partially disappear and then be up again before I could get to her, sputtering and crying a bit but not stopped or slowed down.

PM is pretty easygoing in this water as well. He can adjust it easily that the water doesn’t go above his underarms and that is definitely his limit. He loves to dig in the sand and in the water – playing with buckets and sand toys and running in the water. On the way to the beach I suggested that he snack on something or eat his lunch as I knew that once we got there he would be interested in nothing else than his play. So I try to offer him a few bites here and there and am prepared for a hungry boy when we start driving on our way home.

I’m hoping we’ll have at least one more visit to the beach before the season is over. I know for myself these kinds of trips are more pleasant for me to do with other moms as well. The kids have friends they know and I have someone to chat with. Works for us as long as it’s not a large group of people. That said there were many other kids at the beach and it was overwhelming at times as the camp kids invaded different areas but it didn’t ruin our enjoyment.


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