Bikes and wish lists

On Saturday Thomas and I retrieved our bikes from the basement. I know for me it has been at least 6 years since I have ridden my bike and probably about that long for Thomas as well. We were both a little bit shaky getting on our bikes again but that saying that you don’t forget how to ride a bike sure holds true. Felt as comfortable as ever on my bike (well within reason – I would so like to get a bike that is ‘more me’ – a long story that I still have regrets over).

The kids were excited that we could all go for a bike ride together. I found it kind of frustrating with LB because she wanted me to bike beside her – not behind, not a few steps in front but beside. It offered me practice in balance at moving so slow but I had a hard time with her reactions to it. Anytime I got a few steps ahead she would stop and start crying and screaming. If I went too slow she would stop as well. All in all though the bikes were a success.

I had a bell on my bike and it wasn’t long before PM asked if he could have it for his bike (he was thrilled to see my bell and kept ringing it, wanting me to ring it). Then of course LB said she would like to have a bell as well. I told them to put it on her ‘wish list’. PM asked what a wish list was. I explained to him that it includes things you wish/would like to have. I told him my list – a pet, another child, a grain/flour grinder, fixed teeth... I mentioned LB could put a bell on hers. I asked him if there was anything he wished for and he couldn’t think of anything. How lucky he is. Both kids are pretty lucky really and so are their parents.

We may not be very rich but we have a lot and can’t really ask for much. I suppose it helps that we don’t get too involved in advertising telling us we need so much more in order to compete in this world.


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