Accomplishing Kitchen Tasks

Today I really noticed a good example of one reason why I feel like it takes me so long to get anything done in the kitchen (though I do get a lot done but I also spend a large percentage of my day there).

I am washing lettuce and PM comes in looking for a snack. I remember some ground cherries we have left in the back of the fridge, dig them out and put some in two bowls for the kids. Back to what I was doing. What was I doing? Oh right, I finally figure out I was washing lettuce. Seconds after I get back to the sink PM is running back in the kitchen with his mouth crammed full wanting more. MORE! MORE! Hang on a second wait for LB. My attention is with them as he is hurrying her along, trying to see if she will give him some of hers. I get them more ground cherries and seconds later PM is back wanting another snack. He is ready to go for peanut butter. He then takes it away and goes and shows LB what he has and of course she has to have the same. Before the ground cherries started however she wanted seaweed as a snack. So now she wants seaweed, pb and milk with carob powder. PM just wants the pb. I finally get all these assorted snacks together and by the time I put it all away PM is back asking for some seaweed now. Forget it!

Finish washing the lettuce and start onto preparing it but then I need to get him a rag to wipe the floor where his pee went over the potty. Then minutes later I wipe his bum. Back to what I was doing and then I need to wipe LB’s bum. Phew! Maybe I can get a few minutes of peace now to finish lunch. Over an hour after I started making lunch I have Thomas’s sandwich and my blended salad made. Nothing prepared for the kids yet. Good thing I start making lunch right after breakfast…


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