Weather Blessings

I was reminded today of our trip to Ottawa. We travel with a friend and her two daughters. It was a rainy day – raining quite heavy at times. It poured while we loaded up the van and continued on and off while driving (mostly on).

We stopped at the Big Apple for a break and run around. As we were arriving it was still drizzling and we quickly went inside to the washrooms. Then we went outside for a bit and by this time the rain had let up and the sun was shining.

The kids had a great time running in the mini golf part and splashing in the puddles. Running back and forth, splashing and laughing and tempting other kids to join in the fun.

We went back to the car put dry clothes on the kids and prepared to continue on our journey. The clouds came back in full force and by the time we were driving, it was raining again.

I was so thrilled at how well it worked out. What a blessing! Beautiful weather for getting fresh air and exercise and just to stretch our legs. Then rain for the drive when it doesn’t matter so much.

The reason why I was reminded of this is because we had a similar experience today. Same friend came by with her kids for a swim. Rain had started early in the morning and continued for a while then just a drizzle and very overcast. It started to lighten up just before the time we had arranged for her to come by. Thundershowers were in the forecast.

We had a great time at the pool. The kids splashed and swam. I am thrilled to see how much more comfortable PM is in the water. He will let the water get right up to his chin which is a big step for him. The weather was nice. Cloud and sun. We weren’t being baked by constant sun but it was there with clouds gently rolling by.

After a couple of hours as they were packing themselves up in the van to head home it started to pour again. The rain continued on and off for the rest of the afternoon. Another blessing on our time together! Thank you!


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