Threatening emails

Ever get those nice email messages that have the cute pictures, the inspiring and kind words? The ones that make you feel good but for some reason they feel the need to end with a threat – send this to all the people you know or you will have years of bad luck. What the…?

With emails I would often just erase those threats and send on the kind thoughts but lately there have been more that come in power point – I can’t edit them (at least I don’t know how). So yes I just delete them. Don’t tell me what to do! Don’t threaten me in order to get me to do something nice.

Is this the state of the world right now? You have to give someone nasty ultimatums if you want them to do a kind act. Seems kind of like how many of us were brought up – with kind words at times and then threats and nasty looks or actions at others. The medical profession that gives threats of death or horrible health if you don’t follow their suggestions. Fear-based motivations don’t always work.

I am quite aware these days how strongly I rebel against being told what to do. I see it in others as well. They may go along with what you say for a while but eventually it comes back at you. I see how I harm myself by resisting others. Leaves me feeling trapped and alone. Yet here I am feeling angry at these emails that say you’re not a real friend if you don’t send this on to others. Arghhhh!


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