Sleeping together

OK this is just too weird. PM was having a hard time falling asleep so I had him in my arms downstairs and then carried him upstairs once he was asleep. I lay him down in bed and he rolls over so he’s lying on one arm, the other is above his head, one leg is straight on the edge of the bed and the other leg is bent over the edge of the bed. Just as he’s shifting his position to get to this, LB stirs in her sleep, changes position to the exact same one as PM except on the other side of the bed.

This happens so often with so many different positions. One arm flung this way, the other arm flung another. Legs in similar or same positions with them either on their front, back or side. In many ways they calm each other in their sleep. Her presence helps him to fall asleep. His presence calms her if she stirs in her sleep. He will roll to her if she calls out. Did I ever mention the time he rolled over me – I was on the single bed next to the main one – to get to LB when she was having a rough night? He had his legs facing the wrong way, got his upper body caught between my legs, kept rolling and then made his sister cry worse when he landed on her with his legs in her face. What a guy! (I just heard a thump from above – must mean that leg that was hanging over the side crashed on the floor.) They may not be touching but they know the other is there and find comfort in that. Lucky kids.


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