Maybe! Do I?

Linsy had this way of talking in which many sentences (comments or observations likely) ended with the word ‘maybe’. ‘He’s going outside, maybe.’ ‘That hat is yellow, maybe.’

I do notice myself enough to be able to say I know where that came from. As someone who can use ‘probably’, ‘certainly’, ‘sure’, ‘maybe’, ‘definitely’, and ‘possibly’ together in one sentence I often use the word maybe. I also have memories of disappointing my then 3 year old nephew enough to understand that little kids don’t really understand ‘maybe’. It’s either yes or no. A maybe is the answer they want it to be.

Lately the ending on the sentences is more ‘Do I?’. ‘I really like to ride my bike, do I?’ This is often followed with a daddy or mommy but not necessarily. ‘I fell down and scratched my knee, did I?’ ‘I can jump very high, can I?’ She often gets a yes to that. What else can you say? If she says something and I disagree she will just keep repeating her point of view until I give up. ‘That apricot is pink is it?’ ‘That’s a pretty orange apricot’ ‘That apricot is pink is it?’ Eventually it is ‘Ya, whatever you say Linsy.’

I have noticed that Paco will often call Linsy – Lins. This is cute to me that he shortens her name. Here we all use our full names. We don’t have short forms or terms of endearment but Paco has created his version of Linsy’s name and it is definitely a term of endearment.


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