Hunh?? What??

PM’s ‘favourite’ word used to be ‘hunh?’. Anything anybody would say he would respond with that word. He had a friend comment that must be his favourite word – there were times that was all he would say. That really started to grate on my nerves. Really! Of course my habit would be to repeat what I had said. And then the answer would be another ‘hunh?’. Grrrr.

Somehow or other that disappeared but it has been replaced by ‘what?’ or a ‘why?’ One of the two words is almost guaranteed. Even if I answer the why question in the comment. And I still catch myself repeating what I said. Many times I remember to not repeat it and wait and he will repeat his ‘what’ one or two times and then he will repeat what I said word for word.

I find it so frustrating. Many times this happens because he doesn’t understand what I said. But it is also just habit. I keep reminding myself to not repeat what I said and let him work it out.

Today LB came up to me and said ‘What?’. I wasn’t really paying attention and she repeated it a few times and I laughed. ‘Oh no! Not you too!’. She smiled as she was asking the ‘what?’. Not another ‘whatter’. Then at various intervals throughout the day she would come up to me, give me this big grin and say ‘What? What?’. I tried to have no reaction but invariably I would break out in a smile as well (or one of those smiles where you are trying to keep a straight face but your energy is all smiles).

I’m sure eventually ‘what’ will be repeated by something else. I know I have had times where I hung onto a word or comment and then repeat it too often. Grrrr.


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