Fresh food and summmer

Local cherry season is over. Greens are in full force. Beans are starting to appear and peas continue to grace dinner plates (and welcome hands). Tomatoes will be around soon no doubt. We have a few green ones but no signs of red yet. Zucchinis are starting to be everywhere. That wonderful vegetable that grows like crazy and you can only do so many things with it.

My personal favourites for zucchini other than regular mealtime veggies are to use them in baking and dry them. Last year we enjoyed many dried zucchinis – until the jar crashed and I threw out all the rest for concern that they may have bits of glass in them.

I get excited to think about drying cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes among others. We’ve already made several batches of fruit leather, some yummy fruit and berry popsicles as well as frozen berries galore.

Peaches are on their way and I intend to can many again this year as they were a big hit.

Summer really is an exciting time. Weather that is comfortable to hang out in (for the most part – especially if you’re a heat lover like myself), more outdoor activities, and wonderful, local fruits and vegetables. It’s inspiring to notice changes in the garden. I often walk past corn fields and, though they are sprayed, I find it interesting to observe the speed with which the stalks grow, how the corn pops up, the pretty green colours and the height with which they tower over other things (me especially). When the weather was extremely dry they still held onto their strong green colour and continued to sprout at great speed – a sturdy plant apparently. There is so much in this warm growing weather that reaches out and touches us. Yay summer!


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