Fresh cut grass

I find it kind of amusing that PM is really into taking the wagon around after the lawn has been mowed and cleaning up all the grass. I’m wondering where he got the idea that this needs to be done. We prefer not to clean up the grass clippings – they provide additional nourishment and protection to the ground. Why clean it away? That seems unnatural.

However PM feels it is necessary to be cleaned away – perhaps it is having something to do. Perhaps he likes the esthetics of the grass cleaned away. More likely is he just likes to do it for the sake of doing it.

Today Thomas had him spread his wagon load on the grass around a newer garden to enrich the area there. The piles of cut grass ended up offering much amusement to LB as she sat in it, ran her feet through it and just played with the clipped grass. Something so simple that offers much to many. It all works out doesn’t it?


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