Many times my initial reaction to something is a ‘no’. This is something that drives Thomas absolutely bonkers. My ‘no’s’ have been a source of frustration for him for many years. The birthright of a woman is to change her mind?

But really I’m not out to name the ways that I say one thing and do another (though Thomas would certainly agree with that one as well) but to consider again the idea of consistency in life and parenting. Today came a parenting newsletter regarding consistency. It is not a crime to change your mind with your kids as many like to say. If I look at myself and my initial reaction I know there are many times where it is much easier to change my mind. Why create stress by needing to uphold a decision that was made without thought for the kids, for myself, for the situation at hand? So whenever it feels right I know I can change my mind. I know that in the ideal situation I would think (or is it feel?) before reacting but hey I’m not perfect yet.

I agree with the list of consistency examples and add my own that I consistently listen to my kids and feel free to change my mind.


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