Another day, another year

Another day has come and gone and I enter into my 5th decade. My fortieth birthday has passed and some folks (friends and family) came to celebrate the day with me. I am glad to have had the company of those that made it. The beautiful day and the pool are just bonuses that make it all that much more wonderful.

There is so much that life brings that may not be what I expect but I know it is just right for the time. Today’s party may not have had the turnout I had hoped for but really it was wonderful and those that showed up are great people. The kids enjoyed themselves and these days that in itself brings me joy as well.

I need to take more time just to hang out with the kids and let our joy of life, of the day, of our company infect me more. I need to experience more joy and let go of the stress of not being perfect!

A bonus to the day was to have an old friend drop by (met when we were two and she moved away 25 years ago and we’ve seen each other once or twice since – last time about 20 years ago). Great that she took the time to look me up. After all these years with our hometown close to 6 hours away, we live about a ½ hour from each other.


Anonymous said…
It was a really nice get-together... Nice weather and good company! Always interesting to meet the people that also share the lives of a friend.

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