Talk and dogs

I still like PM’s own way of talking. He has two regulars that make me smile pretty much every time. One is dis-iss-siding (as in deciding). The other one is ‘make suring’ (instead of making sure). I have heard that switching on the ‘ing’ on other phrases as well.

Last Sunday was a trip to Toronto for the day for us. We took my sister’s dog for a walk in the park (the dog – Ruffian or Ruff for short – yes sometimes we go around yelling ‘ruff!’ – always gives us special greetings as we bring meat scraps when we come). What was neat about the park trip was that we went to this playground area (a castle type – great for kids of all ages) and PM was off and independent the whole time we were there. Often he is right by my side and won’t let me out of his sight for a second. LB just hung out on the swing while we were there – I think she could live on a swing (just today we were at a park and I swear I was pushing her constantly for close to an hour – until she was playing around and fell off).

While walking in the park PM was his usual self – keeping his sister in line and then trying to keep the dog in line as well. Now a dog not on the leash will fall behind and run ahead and run off in another direction – rare that they will walk beside you (Ruffian anyway). PM was keeping himself very busy calling her to catch up or to go this way or to slow down. She pretty much ignored him.

A few days later another sister was visiting with her two dogs, Toby and Hayakida (try yelling ‘Hiya’ around total strangers – either sounds like a greeting or a karate movement). These dogs loved the water around here and of course were not staying close by. PM’s anxiety over this was passed on to his sister. By the end she would freak out if they went near the water and especially if they were off the leash in any way. The kids sure love hanging out with the dogs – even if dogs like to do their own thing – kind of like the kids – you can’t tell them what to do either, let them run loose with some guidance and love and support and they will do what is right for them.


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