'Eat you bood, buh-da-bwy!’

We recently joined in with a group and bought some butterfly larvae. A neat idea. Something for everyone in there. Appropriate for different ages and levels. Unfortunately they were a bit older when we got them so they were getting ready for the chrysalis stage but we did get a bit of time watching the ‘caterpillars’.

The first evening while I was nursing LB to sleep I was wondering what PM was doing in the kitchen. He was being so quiet but ever so often I’d hear these louder, moving around, different noises. I was a little worried about the big mess that may be there when I was done.

When I finally go to PM he was sitting rolling around on my exercise ball, holding onto the kitchen counter and watching the caterpillars as they moved this way and that in their confined spaces. He was thrilled to watch them and was looking forward to watching more in the morning.

They reached the chrysalis stage and then we made the box for the butterfly home and the kids enjoyed that part as well. Scissors and tape – a great tool for many.

This morning we saw the butterfly. We were excited and I had PM run outside to get some flowers which we dipped in honey water for the butterflies. Meanwhile the first butterfly was moving its wings and just getting adjusted. LB is very excited and starts repeating over and over again to the butterfly “Eat you bood, buh-da-bwy!” Eventually it did find the honeyed flowers and I have taken the butterfly a couple of times from the water and placed it elsewhere as I was concerned about it drowning in there.

One of these small things that is fun for the whole family!


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