Donkey days

Though we didn’t actually make it to Donkey Days we spent some time at the donkey sanctuary. Neat place. Lots of donkeys. For us there was a special reason to go – Paco had to finally meet the donkey with the same name. Cute little scruffy looking donkey. I think Linsy was really hoping there would be one with her name. The closest was a Windy – which considering how she pronounces her name and how PM used to it is close enough.

Donkeys really are pleasant animals to be around.

I was standing there with the kids reading out loud to them bits about donkeys and mules when along comes Pansy and just slips in beside me and hangs out while I pet her with my arm around her neck. Something very peaceful about her presence – just being there and then moving along. It just is.

I’m guessing we’ll be going back there again. Friends and good weather and donkeys and sheep and goats – it works.


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